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today. facing tough questions from both sides of the aisle. mike emmanuel, fill us in, mike. >> kathleen sebelius saying, they are working on it. >> in the last five weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating experience for far too many americans. it is unsaptable and i'm focused on fixing it and i'm accountable. the administration has promised that it would be fixed by the end of the month. >> you said recently that you expect the website to be running smoothly for the majority of users there is no room for error. >> there was the familiar pitch from president obama that if you like your health care you will be able to keep it. today a leading republican asked how she could allow him to continue to say that. >> you have been misleading the american people and the president has over and over and over again. i would much rather you say yeah, we were wrong yeah, we didn't tell the truth. saying they should have known better. we should expect more hearings after the administration releases enrollment numbers next week. you can expect there will be more hearings after t
it on the insurance companies saying look. you have to give them back when this say this isn't going to work for us, you have a real problem. that is why the president is meeting with the hez of the association and the commissioners whether they are boeing to put out something and say we think you are going to go by this and say it doesn't compel them to abide by it. >> i just don't see them changing their minds at this point in time and what does that mean for the americans whose plans why cancel led. >> there will be a gap. if those people can't find and get insurance on the website, through the exchanges and their plans have been cancelled, they are going to have some be something and maybe it is going to be that they are deemed covered but you run into legal problems for all angles on that health cakacare issue. the number we heard the 106,000 signed up, the insurance companies don't consider them signed up until they have paid the premium. the 40% of the website that deals with making the payment is not even completed. >> unbelievablunbelievable. >> so how many are really enrolled. >> so the l
their employees and if they're willing to use some other means to enroll them has been extended for one week, tease 23 december. if it seems confusing, it is. president obama said owe comma care has had a quote, unquote, rough launch but he said his signature law is already, quote, responsible for a slowing in the rate of growth for health care costs. with each passing day prebus said it's clear how much worse obama care is worse than a website full of glitches. the administration has made a whole sale change because of the disastrous impact it's having on americans. it's time we stop trying to fix it and start over with common sense reforms. from within the president's own party, the democratic party, there are also signs of growing anxiety. seven senators have signed a letter to the president urging him to appoint a permanent individual to oversee it. all seven of the senators are democrats. five of them are up for re-election next year. a sixth is due to face the voters in 2016, gretchen. >> ah, politics. james rosen, happy thanksgiving. good to see you. >> reporter: and to you. >>> all o
in los angeles. we are still waiting for the first on camera police spokesman to give us a status update. it is a very, very large area. >> it is 2:00 on the east coast. 11:00 am on the west coast. this is continuing cue ining co breaking news. first, we know that at 9:30 this morning, a gunman is said to have walked into terminal three at los angeles international airport with a rifle or shotgun. fired off a number of shots. some witnesses say 8 to 10 and others say as many as 30. we are hearing 8 to 10 from a number of sources. we know that three people are injured. we know that one tsa agent has been shot. we have spoken to passengers at lax. said that he had been shot before and no one should worry about him. this is terminal three. this area is closed down and if it is not completely evacuated at this moment they are in the process of evacuating it. the security checkpoint is down the corridor. gate 30 is in the middle. as far as we can tell, we have differing reports from e eyewitnesss about where the shooter was. some are saying that the shooter was confined to the area whe
might they tell us about obama care. e maim us at the real story. tweeted us using the #real dsto. >> dems are pushing new bills. are these bills about a political cover? senator scott brown from republican senator and now fox news contributor. good to see you, senator. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of the fact we're hearing from senator landru, senator manchin, saying oh, my goodness we have to save these health care plans for our constituents even though they voted for obama care, every single one of them. >> not only did they vote for it, they also voted against delaying the implementation but the grandfathering aspect of it as well. you have shaheen filing a bill, manchin, others are filing what i call cya bills, you know what cover your behind bills to basically get through the election cycle, take the pressure off of them back home and say hey listen i filed the bill. people are smarter than that. they under these people are the architects of obama care. ram it through there. they delayed my swearing here in massachusetts for a couple of weeks so they could ram it
said using it would be as easy as buying a ticket online. this is an insult. for millions it is about losing insurance the promise that you could keep. >> hi, peter lots to talk about today. >> reporter: in the last few minutes we learned that a fix is on the way for consumers for americans who saw their health plans unexpectedly cancelled in the last few weeks and jay carney saying that we should expect an announcement sooner than later. >> the president has always been eager to work with lawmakers on both parties. >> meanwhile, house republicans are highlighting those cancellation notices and telling the white house we told you so. >> back in 2010, we had a meeting at the blair house with the president before he signed obama care into and i raised with the president the issue of plans being cancelled. and there, the president actually admitted that he knew people would lose their plans yet he kept making this false promise. >> at two separate hearings on the hill today lawmakers pressed administration officials about security at health and one of them revealed that more th
about says this. if the fact checkers told us it was inaccurate, we would either kill it or find another way to make the point accurately. was this all part of the oversimplification of the way in which this administration was so successful in their second campaign where they would keep it simple, stupid. or do you believe it's a deliberate >> it's a deliberate lie. simplification, unfortunately, is inherent to our politics, but you don't have to lie. and one of the things that mark sets out in that piece is that every statement a president makes every sense of every comma. it's vetted and debated carefully. anyone who understood how this law worked knew that statement was not right. but he had to make that assurance to undermine the opposition. and they barely got the thing through even with him out there with the delivered deception over and over again. >> one other quick thing in this new book that's come out, "double down," says after that first debate performance where the president was in denver and blamed it on the high altitude. he apparently said, i don't know if i can do this a
tonight. we'll see you at 7:00 p.m. great to have you with us today. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> today on the reet stoal stor jaw dropping real numbers of how not ready the website really was. time magazine, our power panel weighs in on that. >> why are there no women on the twitter board? plus my fox and friends panel will be here. he's fired up about how the obama administration handled obama care. >>> remember the guy who admitted to using crack cocaine. we have video of him going nutso and it has taken us a while to get all the bleeps in there. press secretary jay carney again taking tough questions on obama care. what did the president mean when he said you could keep your plan if you like it and when will the website be functioning? what is the latest on the website? >> the folks here says it is getting better every day. carney says it will be working better by the end of the month. he said he can't guarantee it will be working perfectly. he said those working on the problem 24/7 are dealing with the bugs. >> i can tell you that the objective here has not changed.
and september to launch something that they new was not ready and left us vulnerable to inaccurate information. >> another report out today saying that he never saw those security concerns. thank you for your time today, we will be watching the hearing tomorrow. >> white house press secretary was asked about the new numbers at today's briefing listen to this. >> the fact that the website has been so challenging and so problem attic in that first month means that the enrollment numbers will be lower than expected. beyond that i don't have specific figures but i anticipate that we will be releasing data by the end of the week. >> joining us now tom bevin, do you believe that jay carney has not seen any of these numbers? >> it is a little hard to believe. it may be one of those deals because it seems unlikely that he wouldn't know. his job is to know what is going on but he is trying to keep distance from those numbers. one of the interesting things that i think will happen if the numbers are released by the promised date will be this. will the numbers be broken down via age? >> one of the number
under way. we'll monitor this. we'll let kmoyou know of any ma announcements. >> they are using to measure the improvements that have been made, the improvements in reduction of error messages, improvements in response time. that's one facet. the others are those that start the process but find either because they are not comfortable doing something like this online or they may not spend a lot of time on the computer, may not be familiar with the kinds of information they need with regards to their financial situation, may end the process on their own and decide to utilize one of the other methods that are available to them to get information and enroll. finally there are those who have a personal or family situation that is complex enough that the site is not the best place to go to enroll. you are better served by using a navigator, a live person, either through the call in center or in one of the walk in centers that exist all around the country. so it's important to look at when you talk about aiming to have the website functioning effectively for the vast majority of the am
. >>> after the l.a.x. rampage, just ahead of all of us going shopping. how scared should we be? the doctor leaving his wife to be with another woman allegedly told fellow inmates he was glad his wife was dead. now those inmates are taking the stand in the doctor's murder trial. >>> so, hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." senators grilling mayor lan tavner. the botched rollout. whole bunch of questions going on in today's hearing. she was asked about indications the administration really turned a blind eye to website security concerns. >> september 27th memo addressed to you states that due to system readiness issues, the required security assessment was only partly completed. >> so i think in the case because of the visibility of the exchange, the chief information officer wanted to make me aware of it and i agreed to sign it with their recommendation to proceed. >> does anybody else review or approve that decision before it's final? >> no, sir. >> like secretary sebelius or -- >> no, sir. that was my decision. >> our next guest is the senator asking those crit
show up. >> those are world class. we'll take one of us. right on. thank you for watching. we have to roll and take a selfy. it is what we do after the show. >> the real story starts right now. >> thank you very much. we start with a fox news alert the man acquitted in the shooting death of travon martin back in court again. george simmerman arraigned on charges aflt s after allegedly judge freed him on bond and he is due back in court. >> many questions in the center of a congressional hearing today as documents show the administration was warned yet aden back in march that the obama care website was not ready for prime time. did the president know about this? >> bad news for the president in a couple of polls today? >> you are right. his approval rating never so low. in an abc washington post poll. most say the government shouldn't been involved with health care. most blame those numbers on the troubled roll out of press secretary saying the information is secure. >> when consumers fill out their online applications they can trust that the information that they ar
. >> thanks so much for joining us. here's "the real story." >>> hi. it is friday. welcome to "the real story." breaki breaking news on obama care. now extending the enrollment from december 15th to december 23rd in order to get coverage by january 15th. this just happening moments ago. yet another delay now for obama care. the administration postponing the 2015 enrollment period until after the midterm elections next year. that announcement came yesterday claiming it's going to give them more time to study their options. skepticism is running high on capitol hill that it's all about politics right now leaving white house press secretary jay carney on the hot seat scrambling to explain what the heck is going on. chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house with more. ed, the white house is accused of playing politics with all of this shifting of dates, aren't they? >> that's right, gretchen. republicans like chuck grassley jumping on this and suggesting for the white house this far in advance to say they're pushing back enrollment for 2015 which was supposed to start in early d
for companies shipping jobs over seas. they have been used to block common sense and protect families from gun violence, and they prevented far too many americans from serving their country at a time when their country needs their talents the most. it harmed our economy and our democracy, and it brought us to the point where a simple majority vote no longer seems to be sufficient for anything. even routine business, through what is supposed to be the word's greatest deliberative body. i realize that neither party has been blameless for these tactics. they have developed over the years, and it seems as if they have continually escalated. but today's pattern of obstruction just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to affect the results of an election is not normal. we can't let it become normal for the sake of future generations. so i support the steps that a majority of senators today took to change the way that washington is doing business. more specifically the way that the senate does b
they were ready and they were assuring us every step of the way. and up until the end of september before the launch on october 1st, before the committee and others on capitol hill. saying that everything was on track. and it wasn't true. and we need the administration to be honest with us as we move forward so that people don't continue to get heard across this country. what a difference a few weeks make. look at this fox news poll right now. last month republicans taking a hit over the partial shutdown. 43% of voters saying that they would back the republican candidate. total swing of 11 points last month. is that simply the debacle of obama care? it is also what they see as a lo lack of trust in this administration and that is unfortunate. because, the citizens need to have confidence. they need to have trust in their government and you have a president here who promised certain things. he promised if you liked your health insurance you could keep it period. he said that over and over and that trust has been broken and that is very unfortunate. i know you are weeks away from giving bir
typical enforcement mechanisms that they use like, you know, tax lens and garnishing wages aren't available through them the way aca is written. not only gretchen are they in charge of figuring out what people's penalties are they have to figure out already people are in compliance in the first place, whether or not they need to be penalized, whether or not they are exhe wanted which is the hhs department's purview. so we'll see if they can coordinate properly. there's another element the irs is responsible for which is paying trillions of dollars in subsidies to the insurers. that's their job. as we found out in testimony last week they are way behind in constructing the back end of the website. >> got to get your thoughts on this poll. four out of ten people now americans believe that president obama only four out of ten believe he can manage government effectively coupled with the fact for the first time a majority, 53% believe he's not trustworthy. what do you make of it? >> these are toxic numbers for the white house and for the president and the poll you just cited really
, she got into new york just in time. we want to hear from you. you can send us your photos. go to my facebook page, we'll read your comments and show your photos later on in the show. president obama wrapping up a three day fund raising tour in the east coast. he is going to meet with industry execs before giving a speech on the economy. you couldn't go out to california? >> i wouldn't want to do the traveling. good afternoon to you. today's visit to the hollywood farm run by his most prominent campaign donors. he attempts to do this on a day when the conference board reports to us that consumer confidence hits lowest level since april. economists interpret that as hiring and wages. so did the rocky roll out of obama care. a program that impact s one sixh of the economy. last night's party held as the mansion of magic johnson, he framed the success of the program as a moral issue. he said: meantime, on a conference call with state and local officials, health and human services secretary said it will boast a different user experience. >> it is one of the few places he can go and be us
in from lawmakers on both sides of the i'll. mike what can you tell us? >> what are you hearing? >> some democrats say the president's fix doesn't go far enough. they would prefer a two year extension. florida democrat bill nelson is in support of sending this tweet. not cancel policies folks like. it does represent the clearest am knowledge yet. house speaker john boehner says there is no way to fix this. >> so tomorrow the president or the house is going to act on the bill. the keep your health care plan act. the white house says it is looking for adminstrative fix. of course no one can identify anything. the president could do it to keep his pledge that would be legal and effective. >> democrats are meeting this afternoon with representatives from the white house who are trying to reassure their allies up here. earlier house leader nancy pelosi suggested that her voters would like to vote on something. >> think of a belt or suspenders. do any of you wear them? well, [ laughter ] >> well, think of a belt and suspenders. what the president would put forth would be one and what we will d
of the american people who use it. didn't the administration learn from that october 1st hard launch date not to give out hard dates now? >> they said by the end of the month not so much. >> it is a buggy website and an over promise is ridiculous. it is not going to reduce the deficit and help people in these ways that he promised. it is going to get worse. somebody in the white house has figured this out. it is not going to work. just one person? >> maybe one. there are other people that will mouth what the president says. no of the people have got to figure out. we have a bigger problem here and you brought up a good point before. maybe that one person figured it out a while ago. this whole thing would have crashed down if that happened. >> the fix is all the democratic senators are beginning to figure that out. the same day we had sebelius before the senate we had the meeting. i doubt they are confident that this is going to be fixed by the end of november. bill, thank you for your time. >> we want to hear from you. what do you think about the president's qualified poapology. it is my
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